A Malahat Freemason is on a journey of self discovery and personal growth supported by his Brothers in the Fraternity of Freemasons. This man will commit a good portion of his life to his Lodge and his community focusing on fellowship, service and the search for Masonic knowledge.

To belong to Malahat Lodge means you will be entitled to the following privileges:

  •     To enjoy the fellowship of over fifty Freemasons at Malahat Lodge as well as many millions of Freemasons around the world you will meet through your travels and visiting other Lodges.
  •     To attend at least  ten formal meetings a year that are held in private at our Masonic Temple where you and others will address the business of the Lodge, conduct ancient ceremonies making new Freemasons and enjoy the presentation of thoughtful Masonic education.  These meetings are always accompanied by a social hour with a fine meal and wonderful fellowship with the Brethren and our visitors.
  •     To partake in the search for Masonic knowledge and personal growth through the studying, individually and collectively,  a vast collection of Masonic literature, publications and other forms of information that speaks to our history, jurisprudence and particularly to our philosophy.
  •     To make your mark by contributing to a Lodge that has been active in the South Cowichan Valley for almost 100 years by working at maintaining our beloved Masonic Temple,  participate in the governance of the Lodge, participating in ancient ceremonies, serving on various committees and aiding a number of charitable concerns.
  •     To enjoy many social nights of fun and happiness with your family and friends at the Temple Hall.  You will have the fun of helping put on such events as the Great Summer BBQ, the Medieval Night - a costume party, the St Patrick's Day Feast, the Gala Diner and Dance and many more.  All events start with a social hour, fine dinner and then games and raffles.  This is great fun at Malahat and you can attend functions in many other Lodges as well.

Belonging to Malahat Lodge is not a hobby but significant part of your life.

If you would like to find out more about Freemasonry or Malahat Lodge we would love to talk to you.   For further discussion please contact the Secretary at  or call 250 415 0848