Heritage Building

'Freemasonry at its finest'

Welcome to
Malahat Lodge No. 107
A.F & A.M.
BC & Y

District 27

 2744 Lashburn Road, Mill Bay, BC 

Contact secretarymalahat@gmail.com 



What does it mean to be a Freemason?

Belonging to a Brotherhood of men who truly care about ethics, morality and charity and by doing so become better husbands, fathers and citizens of our community and the world at large.  


Who are Freemasons?

Good men of all ages, walks of life and backgrounds who are committed to improving the quality of their own character through a life long journey with their Masonic Brothers.  Good men becoming better men. 


What about Freemasonry at Malahat Lodge?

   Malahat Lodge has been practicing Freemasonry in the South Cowichan Valley for nearly 100 years having made a significant impact on the character of its community. It is a fine country Lodge where committed Masons and their families come together to share in personal growth and happiness.  A special place  for sojourning and new Masons on their Masonic journeys to call home.  A lifetime journey with trusted Brothers!

   Freemasons do not solicit members however if you are interested in knowing more about Freemasonry  we invite you to contact us at secretrarymalahat@gmail.com  or 250 415 0848